Company profile

The company name Reve 21 comes from the word "revive." As a company, we aim to revive confidence and joy in people worried about hair loss by reviving their hair in the 21st century. That is why Reve 21 began its specialized research in 1976. Reve 21's "new hair growth" refers to a person's own real hair growing in. It is completely different from hair and hair extensions that use artificial hair and the like. Many people who have experienced new hair growth have won back their original confidence and smile along with their hair. We think this is a big difference between new hair growth and typical coping methods, including artificial ones. The first thing that is needed to grow hair is spiritual and physical health. That is because the vitality of hair roots is maintained through a healthy mind and body. Reve 21's new hair growth system is one of total support ranging from a proprietary new hair growth diagnosis and medical treatment to improving one's physical condition, taking dietary supplements and performing home care. The causes of hair falling out and thinning are diverse and vary from patient to patient. Using Reve 21's new hair growth promotion expertise, developed through more than 38 years of continuous research, we show customers hair thinning countermeasures that meet their needs.