Hair Growth Experience
Hair Growth Testimonies

Reiji Kobayashi (Assumed name)

34 years old / Shizuoka Pref

Hair Growth Testimonies

Tsukasa Shindo (Assumed name)

34 years old / Aichi Pref

Hair Growth Testimonies

Hideaki Iwasaki (Assumed name)

41 years old / Okinawa Pref

Corporate Philosophy

We change the lives of people all over the world who are suffering from hair loss to lives of self confidence and delight, and we also pursue both the physical and spiritual happiness of all our employees.

REVE21 Co., Ltd. President Katsumasa Okamura
Clients Consultation Room

Please contact Clients Counseling Room for inquiries about REVE21.

We attend: From 9:00am to 6:00pm.
(only weekdays)

You may access with uniform local call rate from anywhere in Japan.
(Normal charges apply for calls from mobile phones.)

REVE21 Good Days for Your Life

Hair growth specialized REVE21 will help you solve your "hair trouble",
like hair loss and scalp conditions together based on its unique hair growth theory.